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Learn German with live video sessions

Targeted, fast and effective

$35 per hour – get your appointment now,
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We are in Orange County, California, USA.
So the image above is real. You can learn German with us, under the orange tree!

“Learning German – effectively and targeted”

This means learning in a similar way as children learn their mother tongue. Focused on the essentials, we concentrate on the topics you have in mind to quickly reach your goal.

Words and expressions are acquired in the most natural way possible. Orally, read, written, in movements, pictures, definitions, and interrelations.

Learn German with live video sessions

Grammar is integrated into everything we do. We read books to understand the content, get a feeling for the language, and learn the vocabulary in their different contexts.

You learn to write your own texts to develop and improve the German language in your own way and build trust in your abilities.

We work with different books depending on your goal. We offer to do homework to intensify your knowledge. 

You can book group lessons and individual classes. We also arrange German lessons for continuous education in corporations. Check our packages!

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Julie Bauer - Artist, Teacher - Teaching German with live online video lessons
Julie Bauer

Our mission is to teach you in an effective and natural way to reach your goal fast.
First, we focus on the topic of your target and what’s most important for you. We learn the language interactively. You will get a feeling for the German language like for your mother language. I want you to feel comfortable in how you learn the language and be motivated to get fluent in German. My goal is that you get the confidence to speak German in an intuitive and confident way and that you are able to use the German language as soon as possible.


“Learn German – fast, effectively and targeted”

Hi, this is Julie Bauer, a native speaker, and experienced German teacher. I am also an artist, and I have a long track record in teaching all ages. I teach kids, adults, and for business use. I do online live video classes 1 on 1 or in groups. We use Skype or Messenger most of the time, and we have used WhatsApp, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams in the past when students asked us to.

Learn German fast – how does it work?

I would send all worksheets and pages as pictures to you. You just need one workbook. I can show corrections and spelling to you via chat. You would get recommendations for self-study after each lesson – some might call it “homework”. When it is done you can take a picture and send it to me, then we both can go over it in the next online German lesson.

I make sure that we both understand your needs and expectations in the first German online lesson. We will work from there, with lessons tailored to your personal use case for the German language. I teach in a friendly, personal, humorous way – learning German should be fast and fun in the end and be engaging.

One hour is $35. If you take more than one hour per week or a package, you can get a discount. You will learn a lot in this hour to reach your goal and learn German fast.
If you are interested in taking classes, just ask for an appointment in the contact form below. You can also write to us on Messenger.